TOOLBOX is a side project of my master degree graduation thesis.  When I was researching electronics for prototyping wearables I encountered lots of difficulties requesting samples and learning new materials which happens to other designers a lot as well. There is an opportunity in representing the tactile experience on screens by taking advantage of gesture controlled user  interface to solve this issue.

The initial intent of TOOLBOX is to design an intuitive learning experience about electronic  materials on mobile platform for designers and amateurs who are not well versed in  electronics but wants to be empowered by technology.

Main Features

Two Views to Browse Electronics : by  Category  VS  by  TOOL "TABLE"

Two Views to Browse Electronics : by  Category  VS  by  TOOL "TABLE"

Haptic Gesture Grammar

Other Pages

1.Vertical Landing Page [View by the Latest]   2.Scrolling Effect   3. My Toolbox   4.View by Category
5.Horizontal Landing Page [View by Tool Tables]   6.Tool Testing Page

Brief Concept Development

Heuristic Evaluation

After interviewing with some potential users coming from various fields, 12 online/offline platforms which are frequently used are selected and assessed according to the user need.

Mental Model & Feature Set

Persona & User Case


Style Guide

ToolBox Potential Applications