MakeUp Circuits

Make Up Circuits is a systematic way of communication that starts from the skin. Using on-body technology, Make Up Circuits enables end users to construct circuity connections across their body surfaces including on the face and limbs by using conductive makeups. Cross-user touching can also form new circuits, creating networks between bodies. The project also amplifies subtle outward-facing gestures and augments the individual’s facial expressions, such as a yawn, murmur, or laugh.

                   ROLE                           CREDITS                  

                     Ideation                      Sound Design - Hassan EstackHrian
           Physical Computing                      Actor - Toby Zhang
            Exhibition Curation

Concept Speculative Film

This film talks about a couple's story which was recovered from the make up they took off from their body. 
The film observes how the skin circuit patterns are layered with other on-body devices .  It also speculates on how people can exchange or share information by different levels of intimacy..

Initial Testing


Exhibition Curation