The New Car Experience

When human's hands are free from steering wheels, it opens up a whole new discussion about the city on wheels.The meaning of the space inside the car would expand more towards a "room" and even becomes more connected with other cars thanks to the accuracy of the self-driving capability.Moreover, the new regulations for the new "driving" experience would also become challenging and debatable which is also discussed in this short concept animation( or rather a concept mapping of the future mobile "rooms")

"Mobile Rooms" with Emerging Technologies


The Lighting inside the room could absorb and reflect the outdoor tone in order to "break" the wall between the car interior and outside view.


The shifting between windows and screens would enable creating an intimate space and an open area in a short time.Besides, the various connected surfaces would create a system of engaging experience in terms of in-car entertainment.


The future "mobile rooms" could also connect with each other thanks to the same relative speed controlled by the self driving algorithm.New regulations would also emerge in terms of these activities.(Police-car becomes self-driving as well).